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    Frequent questions

    What is the service we offer?

    It is a sports / nutritional planning service, totally individualized and designed based on the needs and objectives of the person. Where we offer the possibility of doing it online or in person through our subscription plans.

    How do we make payments?

    • You can pay for the Online service safely with a debit / credit card through the link that I will provide you after receiving the service request.
    • The payment of the In-person service can be made through a debit / credit card or cash on the day agreed for the initial interview.

    How do I apply for my place?

    You just have to select the service and subscription plan that interests you the most by filling in the questionnaire that is enabled in the “request” button. Once your application is received, we will contact you within 24/48 hours to arrange an initial online or face-to-face interview where we will provide you with the payment link, along with the resolution of possible doubts.

    When does the service start?

    The service will begin when you receive all the documentation pertinent to the selected service. We must first receive the form with all your personal data to prepare your individualized planning and send it to you.

    How do we evaluate progress?

    During the period of the contracted service, you will be able to view all the controls of body composition, workload, technification, nutritional contribution … through our app, where all qualitative and quantitative data will be recorded as a virtual diary.

    How do I cancel my monthly subscription plan?

    Very easy, you only have to notify us 5 business days of the expiration date of the subscription plan contracted. Under no circumstances will the full amount of the subscription plan be returned if the stimulated cancellation date is not met.

    How do I cancel my quarterly subscription plan?

    You only have to notify us 7 business days before the expiration date of the subscription plan contracted. If it is not communicated within the stipulated period and the training planning and / or nutritional plan is sent, the client must pay the initial quarterly fee without the right to return.

    How does the return policy work?

    You can request a refund of the full amount of the contracted plan as long as you have not received your planning corresponding to the contracted service. Once received, the full amount will NOT be returned under any conditions.