Founded in 2019

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Estímulo Óptimo was born with the mission of helping people to achieve their goals through physical activity. To do this, we design training & nutrition plans, teaching people based on scientific evidence, in order to reach both their physical and mental development.

Meet the team




José García Díaz, founder of the Estímulo Óptimo project in 2019. Born in Malaga in 1992, he has been passionate about sports since he was a child, with the practice of a wide variety of modalities, which have provided him a rich experience and knowledge that he applies today, in an empirical way, with his customers.

Currently, his specialization is strength & conditioning, physical rehabilitation and sports physiology.

What is his background?

  • Graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences from the University of Granada.
  • Expert in Prevention and Physical Rehabilitation (EN-FORMA).
  • University Expert in Sports Nutrition by the University of Malaga.
  • Superior Technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities
  • National Bodybuilding Coach by the Spanish Weightlifting Federation

|     MEMBER Nº 59058

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Rafael González Morales, born in Granada in 1995, has a degree in Dietetics and specializes in sports nutrition and weight loss. He complements his training and enriches his continuous recycling by attending trainings in any field of nutrition and training.

His professional experience led him to nutrition clinics, where he has worked together with athletes from the Spanish Athletics Team, as well as taking the 2017 European Mountain Trail Champion first-hand.


What is his background?

  • Graduate in Dietetics from the Queen Sofia International Training Center (Granada).
  • Specialization in Obesity and Sports Nutrition and Performance.
  • Specialization in Ketogenic Diet (Obesity Management School).
  • Course of Analysis of the Fundamental Rules of Hypertrophy through the squat, bench press and dead weight.
  • La Forza. Course on Personal Training. Fitness Sector
  • Nutrition and Genetics Seminar. AudioFit.

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